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Posted on: 03-19-2019

Bowling Party Results

BOWLING PARTY RESULTS 2019 Our third annual Sandpipers Bowling Party is now in the books. Thanks to everyone who came out to play. It was a boisterous group of us enjoying an evening out with each other and having lots of fun and laughs. This event is getting more popular and better attended each year. Stay tuned for next year’s event as it will be tweaked a bit more to make it even more fun and competetive. Here are the results and scores. HIGHEST SCORING TEAM with a total of 902 points (Team 18 - Ralph & Donna Ainger, Neal & Marilyn Steinert & Joanne DiVincenzo). LOWEST SCORING TEAM with a total of 731 points (Team 17 - Bill & Mary Askew, Jim & Fran Kielt and Denise Busby). HIGHEST FEMALE SCORE - Joanne DiVincenzo with a total of 230 points HIGHEST MALE SCORE - Steve Landis with a total of 232 points. STRIKERS - Ron Simprini (4), Beth Fennel (1), Cathy Simprini (1) Fran Kielt (1), Jim Kielt (3), Denise Busby (1) Joanne DiVincenzo (4), Ralph Ainger (1), Donna Ainger (2), Neal Steinert (2) Al Sigler (4), Ben Dixon (3), Roy Davis (2), Stephanie Dixon (1) Alex Thompson (3), Steve Landis (2) There are “parting gifts” for the Highest and Lowest categories which will be sent to the appropriate parties. We will do this again next March and look forward to us all bringing our game faces with us. Congrats to the winners.

Posted on: 10-29-2017

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Posted on: 09-10-2016

Pictures are up from 1st Happy Hour

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